Framing & Mounting

I get a lot of questions about framing & mounting options -- and there are so many choices. But here are several options you might consider when framing your artwork. See the example below that illustrates how I like to frame these prints.

First off, the prints are 13" x 19" - a common size for posters and the size the original WPA posters were printed. While not the most common frame size, there are plenty of options! Just make sure the frame is either for a 13" x 19" print, or that the matte board has a cut out for 13" x 19" pictures.

Under $10

Target - Snap Frame

Here's a great, inexpensive option! This flat black wood frame is a timeless and affordable solution to displaying your posters. It's sleek narrow black frame is on-trend yet classic, making it a perfect welcome to any decor.

Find it on-line at Joann!

$10 - $50

On the less expensive side, you could get some minimalist frames like these "Format Frames" on Amazon. The frame fits the print perfectly, and there is no matte around the print. You can buy 1, 6 or 12 at a time!

Format Frames

Click here to see the Format Frames

This Studio Decor frame from Michaels has an inset perfectly sized for the posters. It also has a nice white matte board and a decent composite frame. It usually sells for about $40, but is often on sale for about $22, or you can use a coupon code for a better deal. Follow the link below the photo to see the frame on their site. Make sure to choose the one for 13" x 19" (finished size 16" x 24").

Studio Decor Frame from Michaels

Click here to see the Studio Decor Frame from Michaels


Amazon offers a wide variety of choices and price points.

Click here to see frames on Amazon.

Looking for a rustic-style frame? Check these out!

Rustic Frames, Amazon | Robert B. Decker

Rustic Style Frames on Amazon.

$50 - $99

Next up would be a more DIY route. I would try to find a 18″ x 24″ frame at Michaels, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc., for framing a poster. Hopefully one that's on sale -- or even on clearance. Then, just have a custom matte board cut to fit the poster and the frame. I have the inside of the matte cut to 12-3/4" x 18-3/4", which is enough to hold the print down, but still display the number, signature and date. You could add a second matte for a more substantial look, and I would have that cut at 12-1/4" x 18-1/4". With one or two mattes, you can choose the color(s) to match the print, the frame, and or your decor. I've found Hobby Lobby to be the least expensive place to have matte boards cut.

Framed Examples | National Park Posters

Then you just need a little double-sided tape, a ruler and a little patience to mount the poster to the backer board, over lay the matte board(s). Then, slip it back in the frame and tighten down the tabs in the back to hold it all together. You might also want to buy a wire hanging kit at the craft or hardware store. Usually with two screws, you can attach the wire so it's ready to hang! Depending on your frame choice and number of matte boards, it's possible to go this route for $50 - $99.

$99 - $125

Otherwise, I might check in to Their service gives you choices for framing & mounting as well as matte boards, and will do all the work for you. And they ship it back to you for a flat fee. An 18" x 24" frame size should run $99.00. You can add matte boards and features, too, for a more custom look. You can usually get a discount off your first order, too. Click here for

$125 - $175

The other option is to use an on line frame shop like Here you also have complete control over the look and feel, and to some degree, the cost. You can have them frame it, or send the materials to you, if you still want to go DIY. I use them a lot and choose archival foam core and double matte boards, heavy-duty UV resistant acrylic and wood frames, and this usually runs about $150. The often have sales and discounts, so check them out! Click here for

$175 and up...

On the more expensive side, you could either take it to Michaels, the Great Frame Up, or other local framer and have them create a complete custom frame of your choosing. And of course, they would do all the work! There are so many poster framing options — and I recommend you wait for their sales (often 70% off). It’s hard to give you a cost, but you’re probably starting at $150 and going up from there. Hope that helps!!! Rob.