Posters are 13" x 19". This includes a 1/2" white border all the way around, so the printed area is 12" x 18". They are printed on "Conservation" a 100% recycled paper stock that's certified by the Rainforest Alliance. I use soy-based inks, which are much more environmentally friendly.


What are the dimensions of the posters?

The posters are 13" x 19", which includes a 1/2" white border all the way around. So, the printed area is 12" x 18"

What is an Artist Proof?

Artist Proofs are the first 25 prints pulled from each press run. They contain the pressman's color bars, which are used to ensure that the colors are true and the paper stays registered throughout the print run. The prints are numbered (1-25), dated and signed and contain the special "A/P" mark designating it as an Artist Proof.

Which Posters Are Numbered?

First Editions, Limited Editions (i.e., 25th Anniversary Editions) and Artist Proofs are numbered.

The remaining posters are Open Editions and are not numbered.

Every poster is signed and dated.

Who is the artist behind National Park Posters?

The artist is Rob Decker, a veteran photographer and graphic artist who has dedicated much of his life to capturing and sharing the splendor of National Parks. He creates iconic posters inspired by the WPA artwork of the 1930s and '40s. He hopes to encourage as many people as possible to experience and help ensure the parks are protected and preserved for future generations​.

How is the artwork created?

Rob Decker starts by taking a series of high dynamic range (HDR) photographs. He then digitally transforms the composite HDR photograph into a work of graphic art. The posters are printed on 100% recycled, domestically produced paper stock with soy-based inks by one of the greenest printers in America, located in Colorado.

Does the artist donate any proceeds from the sales?

A: Yes, 10% of the annual proceeds are donated to trusts, conservancies, and associations working to preserve National Parks​.

How Should I Frame My Posters?

There are so many options for framing your posters...so I've created an entire article to help. See it here: Framing Your Posters

Can I Return My Purchase?

I always aim for make sure customers love my products, but if you do need to return an order, I'm happy to help. Just email me directly (on the contact page) and I’ll take you through the process.

Orders are shipped the same day they are received, or within one business day. Orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail, and typically take 3-5 days for delivery. You can choose the Priority Mail (in a flat envelope) for 2 day delivery via FedEx 2-Day Air. Details will be provided in your confirmation email.


How are the posters shipped?

Orders are shipped the same day they are received or within one business day. They are shipped via FedEx Air (2 Day) or USPS Priority Mail (7-10 days). Details will be provided in your confirmation email​.

What Shipping Carriers Do You Use?

We use the USPS and FedEx for all shipments. FedEx is highly recommended, as it is much more reliable, and is almost always delivered in 2-Days. We use USPS for international shipments as well as PO Boxes. All mailers are recyclable, and I encourage you to recycle when you can!

Do You Ship Overseas?

Unfortunately, we no longer ship overseas. In addition to the high cost of shipping, lengthy delays and additional duties or VAT taxes, lost packages, etc., we have decided to discontinue shipping outside the US and Canada. My apologies for this. It's possible that you can purchase them on Amazon (depending on where you live). You can see our listings here: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/7EB2030B-8AA8-4A01-8AAF-5C4373A38B2F