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Best Things to Do in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

What better way to explore West Texas than at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Looming large in a remote section of the state is a geological phenomenon straddling the Texas-New Mexico border. The Park is home to El Capitan, the highest most visible peak in Texas at 8,085 feet. 

It is an awe-inspiring rugged icon of limestone towering above the road, and the park protects the most extensive Permian fossil reef. It beckons hikers, campers, and backpackers to the surrounding wilderness, offering solace and solitude to all who explore.

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Best Things To Do in Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park, known as the Land of Giants, is located in the California's Sierra Nevada mountains. This extraordinary terrain encompasses towering mountains, an intricate system of caverns, deep canyons, and many of the largest trees on the planet.
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Autumnal Equinox

In 2021, the autumnal equinox—also called the September equinox or fall equinox—arrives on September 22nd. Fall begins in the Northern Hemisphere and is a reminder that summer is now officially behind us.

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Best Things to Do at Point Reyes National Seashore
Point Reyes is snugly situated just north of San Francisco on scenic Highway 101. A sparkling peninsula with 80 miles of coastline holding a stunning combination of rugged cliffs, near-empty sandy beaches, windswept pastureland, a raging surf, and the quiet bay. Click here to read more...
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