Rob Decker's National Park Posters

National Treasures: Rob Decker's Posters Redefine Vintage Park Art for the Modern Era

In the enchanting realm of art and preservation, Rob Decker stands out as a beacon of modern creativity, paying homage to the iconic legacy of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and its Federal Art Project (FAP). During the tumultuous times of the Great Depression in the mid-1930s, the WPA-FAP became a lifeline for artists, employing over 5,000 creatives to produce an astounding 225,000 works of art, enriching the cultural tapestry of America. Among these artistic endeavors, the National Park Service, from 1938 to 1941, commissioned artists to craft silk-screen promotional posters for national parks, resulting in a limited but cherished collection of 14 designs. These posters, though few in number, captured the majestic beauty of America's natural landscapes and have become treasured pieces of national heritage.

Rob Decker's Yosemite National Park Poster

However, as World War II dawned, this project was regrettably suspended, and the original national park posters became rarities, scattered across archives and private collections, with only a handful surviving the test of time. Enter Rob Decker, a visionary artist whose passion for the national parks and the vintage allure of WPA-style art has led to the creation of the most extensive collection of national park posters in the modern era. Decker's work embodies the spirit of the original WPA park posters, revitalizing the retro charm and aesthetic appeal of these historical treasures.

Rob Decker's Arches National Park Poster

Rob Decker, deeply inspired by the natural beauty of the national parks and the historical significance of the WPA's initiative, embarked on a journey to reimagine these vintage national park posters. With an expert eye for design and a profound respect for the legacy of the original artists, Decker has skillfully crafted a series of national park prints that resonate with both nostalgia and contemporary artistic sensibilities. His collection stands as a modern-day testament to the enduring beauty of America's national parks, rendered in the distinctive style of the WPA's golden era.

Rob Decker's Bryce Canyon National Park Poster

Decker's national park posters not only pay tribute to the original WPA artworks but also serve as a bridge connecting past and present, inviting a new generation to admire and preserve the natural wonders of the United States. These posters, characterized by their vibrant colors, stylized landscapes, and evocative typography, are a celebration of America's natural heritage, capturing the essence of each park with a freshness that appeals to contemporary tastes while honoring the historical context.

Rob Decker's Grand Canyon National Park Poster

The national park posters by Rob Decker have quickly become synonymous with the highest standards of WPA-inspired art, boasting a collection that is unparalleled in scope and beauty. From the towering sequoias of Yosemite to the serene vistas of the Great Smoky Mountains, Decker's posters offer a panoramic view of America's natural splendor, rendered in the iconic style of the 1930s but with a modern twist that makes each piece a unique work of art.

For enthusiasts of national park posters, vintage WPA art, and those who cherish the legacy of America's natural landscapes, Rob Decker's collection offers a journey through time and nature. These posters are not merely decorative items but symbols of a rich cultural heritage, a celebration of art's power to inspire conservation and admiration for the natural world. As we gaze upon Decker's national park prints, we are reminded of the timeless beauty of America's wilderness and the enduring legacy of artists who have captured its essence for generations to admire.


Rob Decker is a photographer and graphic artist with a single passion for America's National Parks. Now he's on a journey to visit, photograph and create iconic WPA-style artwork for each of America's national parks.

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