How Can You Support America's National Parks? Here are 5 Easy Ways!

How Can You Support America's National Parks? Here are 5 Easy Ways!

Our national parks have taken center stage recently, and for good reason. Today, America's national parks need our support more than ever. Even with the Great American Outdoors Act, there's still a huge backlog of work, and COVID-19 hasn't helped matters any... So we need to lend our support to preserve America’s Best Idea. So how can you help? It's actually very easy. Here are five ways you can contribute to these incredible places so we can enjoy them for generations to come!

Donate: Simply donating to the National Park Foundation will contribute to the 400+ national parks in the country. We have 84 million acres of land to protect!

Purchase an America the Beautiful Pass: Honestly, this one’s a no brainer! At a cost of just $80 ($20 for Senior Pass), there’s no better value on the planet than these annual passes. Get all the details at the National Park Service site and start visiting America's National Parks!

Contribute to the Conservation and Preservation Charities of America: This foundation trains people to protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and preserve historic places. It works to protect the nation's hiking trails, fisheries, rivers, coastal areas and oceans.

Become a Member: You can become a member of one of the many national, regional or local organizations, associations and conservancies that support our national parks. If you're already a member, renew for next year!

Share your Park Experience with Others: The only way to spread the word about the beauty and importance of national parks is to show other people just how wonderful these places are. Share your stories and pictures with friends, family and on social media and encourage others to find their park!

I’m trying to make a difference by giving back to the amazing organizations, associations, trusts and conservancies that support the National Parks. I feel that it’s important to protect America’s special places, and to connect people with nature. And it’s up to all of us to pitch in. Perhaps more importantly, we need to inspire the next generation of park supporters. Click here to earn about how I'm Giving Back

So you can see how easy it is to support America's national parks! Now it's time to start planning your next National Park adventure! 

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