Delicate Arch Timelapse

Delicate Arch Timelapse

When I was at Arches National Park, I hiked up to Delicate Arch, and created this video time lapse. This is about 80 minutes...condensed down to just over a minute. Enjoy! Make sure to change your settings to 1080 HD resolution for the best quality!

Delicate Arch, an emblematic symbol of Arches National Park, stands as a captivating testament to nature's artistry. This freestanding natural arch, with its graceful curve and commanding presence, rises majestically against the stark Utah landscape, creating a striking contrast with the blue sky and red rock terrain. Formed from Entrada Sandstone, Delicate Arch has been sculpted over thousands of years by the forces of erosion and weathering, a process that continues to subtly change its contours. Measuring about 46 feet tall and 32 feet wide, it is not only a favorite subject for photographers but also a source of wonder and inspiration for visitors from around the world. The hike to Delicate Arch, offering panoramic views and a chance to witness this geological marvel up close, is considered a must-do experience for those exploring Arches National Park.

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