Best Things to do in Glacier National Park

Best Things to do in Glacier National Park

Are you ready for something extraordinary and spectacular? Located in Montana‘s Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park will dazzle you with its mirror lakes, jaw-dropping scenery, wild nature, and picturesque snow-capped peaks. With over one million acres, you could spend a lifetime exploring and experiencing this unbelievable spectacle of nature. Read on to discover the best things to do in Glacier National Park.

I’m a photographer and outdoor enthusiast and have been to more than 40 of our amazing national parks — including Glacier. I’ve explored many areas of the park — so I’m ready to help! Whether this is your first time to Glacier, or if you are returning after many years and would like to be re-introduced to the park — this list of the best things to do is just for you!

Drive Glacier National Park's Going-to-the-Sun Road

Connecting east and west side entrances, the Going-to-the-sun road is one of the most popular and iconic attractions in Glacier National Park.

Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park

Sit back and enjoy the 50-mile ride enchanted in sweeping views of nature with mighty mountains, snowy peaks, sparkling glacier lakes, and beautiful waterfalls. I recommended holding your breath -- because the amazing views along this road just might take it away!

Go Hiking

Venturing out on the picturesque trails and camping in the heart of nature is hands down, one of the best things you can do in Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park

Glacier offers something for everyone. Short hikes or long, Glacier sports more than 700 miles of trails for all comers. Overnight trips provide the perfect opportunity for camping . It's clear why more than a half of the park visitors decide to embark on a journey through these epic trails. Yes, the views from a car window are just as spectacular, but don‘t limit yourself because the wild & marvelous world can only be truly discovered through the pathways of nature!

Drift On The Glacial Waterways

Whether its canoeing, kayaking, rafting or simply taking a boat tour, drifting along the magical lakes of Glacier National Park is simply a must!

Glacial Waterways, Glacier National Park

After all, the park hosts more than 700 bodies of water within its territory and they are nothing short of spectacular. The biggest, Lake Mcdonald, leads the way and draws countless visitors. Enjoy the crisp air and sparkling waters while taking a look and soaking up the experience from a different angle while drifting peacefully along the pristine glacial lakes.

Participate in Guided Tours

Feeling like learning while doing something fun or maybe you found yourself simply looking for more alternatives?

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Another great way to enjoy and experience the stunning park is participating in one of the many guided tours. Glacier National Park offers a great variety of quality guided tours for any type of traveler and adventure seeker! From educational Field Courses to backpacking and Horseback Riding to traditional guided affairs like boat tours, guided hikes and more -- you'll find it in this beautiful corner of the world!

Glide & Ski On Snow-White Blankets

Known for record-breaking amounts of snow, there is good news for winter and snow activity lovers as well!

Deer in Snow, Glacier National Park

While the majority of visitors come in summer, especially for the drive-through opportunity, winter time in the park becomes one big moment of tranquility. Glacier National Park presents great opportunities for backcountry skiing, snowboarding or downhill skiing at one of the nearby resorts. Take the opportunity to see the park when it's dressed in white, avoid the crowds and have the adventure of a lifetime while gliding along its snowy trails.

As you can see, Glacier National Park doesn‘t shy away from hosting many wonderful opportunities for those seeking to experience it. If Glacier National Park wasn‘t on your bucket list, make sure to put it in there because this place will turn you into a storyteller and bring out the adventurer you never thought you knew!

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